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Sigma and

NHI writes letter of intent

Sigma and Nordic Health Innovation (NHI) have signed a letter of intent on project engagement for the construction of the technical IT solution and for the introduction of creating 20 virtual health rooms in the three northern parts of Västerbotten, Norrbotten, Västernorrland and the region of Jämtland Härjedalen. The agreement includes a team of 3 FTEs for a period of three years.

Sigma and NHI have been working a lot together in the past year, Sigma is the chosen IT partner for NHI. Now the project is scaled up and the letter of intent is the first step in the work of  constructing a technical IT solution and 20 virtual health rooms. "We are very pleased that NHI wants to continue to work with Sigma as an IT partner. In addition, it feels extraordinarily worthwhile to work with a company like NHI, where the company and their products have an immediate impact on people's quality of life for the better," says Sigmas Business Manager,

Bert-Ola Bångman. Nordic Health Innovation (NHI) offers flexible, cost-effective and standardized virtual health care to public and private customers. The solutions have been tested and explored in extreme sparsely populated areas and will lead to increased quality of life and increased accessibility for community citizens throughout the world. The customer group is primarily both public and private healthcare providers, some of which can focus on a specialized target group. NHI intends to act in the new arena, where care providers, academia (R & D) and industry cooperate. "Through our previous cooperation, we have gained a great deal of confidence in Sigma.

When choosing IT partner, Sigma stands out thanks to their high level of competence, but also for their community commitment and social responsibility, where the company constantly wants to contribute to a better tomorrow, "says Jonas Berggren, C.E.O of NHI. "NHI focuses primarily on developing and offering solutions in Scandinavia, but in the long term, demand is the same in other similar areas around the world, with the corresponding need for cost-effective and distance-borne healthcare," concludes Jonas Berggren. Nordic Health Innovation AB (NHI) is a unique entrepreneurial company based in Storuman in Västerbotten and in close cooperation with the Glesbygdsmedicinsk Centrum (GMC). NHI offers flexible, cost-effective and standardized virtual healthcare to public and private customers. The aim of these solutions, which have already been tried and explored in the municipality of Storuman, is that they will increased quality of life and increase accessibility for all citizens of society, including those living in extreme sparsely populated areas with often long distances to doctors and other healthcare specialists.

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