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About NHI

Nordic Health Innovation AB (NHI) is a unique entrepreneurial company based in Storuman, Västerbotten. In collaboration with the Glesbygdsmedicinsk Centrum (GMC), NHI offers, among other things, flexible, cost-effective and standardized virtual health space for public and private customers.

NHI - goal, mission, business concept 

"With the help of technology, we contribute to a more accessible health care for those who need it most." We live by the motto - "Empowering the Patient", which means we want to put the patient in the driver's seat in terms of his own health and information gathered about the individual, such as measurement data from health surveys.


Big global interest

"NHI focuses primarily on developing and offering solutions in Scandinavia, but in the long term, there is the same need in other similar areas around the world, with the corresponding need for cost-effective and distance-borne healthcare," says CEO Jonas Berggren.

The virtual health rooms have an enormous potential - it's just our own imagination that sets the limits. Their need does not only stop at the rural areas. There is also an increasing demand for distance-borne medicine in the major cities and within the occupational health services.

Jonas Berggren, CEO 

Methods are tested that enable service

Sweden and many other countries are committed to finding long-term sustainable care and care solutions. The Swedish government is also funding multiple test bed projects, including medical equipment testing.

Sweden has unique conditions

In Sweden, there are particularly good conditions for cooperation between different people, different companies and different public activities. Here we have a long and solid experience of collaboration in order to achieve results for everyone's common good.


NHI cooperates with a number of actors in industry and the public sector in order to realize optimal solutions for a modern and equitable digital health and medical care.

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