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An important 

step for modern healthcare

The virtual health room i Gällö

When Region Jämtland Härjedalen opened the virtual health room i Gällö, the healthcare came closer to the citizens. It also created a unique opportunity for collaboration between the local healthcare, the research community and healthcare companies. Behind the launch of the virtual health room stands Nordic Health Innovation (NHI), a company developed in close cooperation with GMC from Storuman and the IT supplier Sigma.

Region Jämtland Härjedalen's first virtual health room opens in Gällö, Bräcke. The patient can easily check his values on a regular basis, including blood pressure, blood sugar and PK value. The patient will also be able to visit his doctor through the use of video conference without having to go to a health center.

"The virtual health room increases public access to care. In addition, it will make it easier for   patients to do what they want, because they can spend the time when they do not travel on other activities" - Björn Eriksson, regional director.

This is the second place in the country that opens a virtual health room. There are three factors that make the region Jämtland Härjedalen far ahead in the development.

"We are a sparsely populated country, and the technology helps us to bridge the vast distances. Our sparsely populated profile also ensures that primary care is of high quality and is used to managing a lot. This makes it easier to carry out such a project. Last but not least, we have an innovative climate in which we engage in technological development and work in public-private partnerships." - Björn Eriksson.

The Region Council Ann-Marie Johansson sees the virtual health room as a significant step towards increasing cooperation with researchers and the future of research and development.

"But the most important thing is that the patient and the care are coming closer, that they can have contact without long journeys. It is also good that patients get more self-care opportunities", she says.

The inauguration

The virtual health room is located at the retirement home Gellinergården.

The elderly's staff will help those patients who want support during their visit. "Bräcke believes 

that e-health and distance-independent care are a part of the future and of course something we want to take advantage of, specially the new technology that are offered. Therefore, we work together with Region Jämtland Härjedalen,"says Sven-Åke Draxten, chairman of the municipal council in Bräcke.

"At NHI, we are very proud and pleased to be in cooperation with Sigma to be a supplier of virtual health care to the Region of Jämland Härjdedalen and be actively involved in this important step for a modern Swedish healthcare. It feels extremely meaningful to be a part of making people's quality of life better,"says Jonas Berggren, CEO at NHI.

The opening ceremony took place in June at Gellinergården during the inaugration a lot of people where at place, the Minister of Health, Gabriel Wikström, the regional director Björn Eriksson, the regional council AnnMarie Johansson, the chairman of the municipality of Bräcke Sven-Åke Draxten and the CEO of NHI Jonas Berggren and Sigma's founder and owner Dan Olofsson.

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