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Nordic Health Innovation (NHI) from Storuman has started a close partnership with Microsoft and Sigma IT Consulting in the purpose of ensuring information management to and from healthcare providers' primary medical data and journal systems, in order to facilitate research and improve health care through the expansion of so-called virtual health space.

A virtual health room is a specifik unmanned health room, open 24 hours a day for those in rural areas. The future's virtual health room will also be able to be installed at home or through the use of a mobile phone. Doctors or other healthcare professionals can be connected by video link if necessary and the room is equipped with a variety of appliances. Here, patients can for example, control blood pressure and take blood, measure their blood sugar and Waran samples. The devices are connected through a central server and with the local healthcare journal systems. The rooms will in the future be equipped with robotics, planning and dimensioning tools and an app for diabetics.


The film was produced by Microsoft and was shown for the first time on Vitalis April 5, 2016.

The virtual health room

Nordic Health Innovation – Virtual Care Rooms

Nordic Health Innovation – Virtual Care Rooms

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